Information for Presenters

Available Technology

Each room at Penn?s Graduate School of Education is equipped with a computer (PC), DVD/video/CD player, Internet access, overhead projector and projection. If you choose to bring your USB or external hard drive, please ensure that your presentation files display properly on a PC. If you have any concerns about technology, please do reach out  to We will have some technical assistance available on site.

Time Limits / Session Chairs

Individual papers are grouped in sessions of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Each presenter is allotted 15 minutes for their presentation and Q & A (if they choose) and 15 minutes are also reserved at the end of the session for general discussion of all the papers. Please be courteous to the other presenters in your session by following these guidelines. Most sessions will have a ?session chair? facilitating these guidelines. If your session is without a ?session chair?, we ask the last presenter to take responsibility for keeping time with the laminated timecards in every room. You will need to give other presenters warnings at 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and stop.

Data Analysis

Data analysis presenters are each allotted 35 minutes for presentation and discussion.  Please follow the specific instructions sent to you by the Forum Coordinators.

Printing / Copies

If you plan to bring handouts, please bring 20 ? 30 copies. There are not printing or copying services available to Forum attendees at the Graduate School of Education, although there are businesses with these services nearby.

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